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Soy during pregnancy

So, I just found out I'm pregnant, first vegan pregnancy, and I was wondering if any one knew how much soy is ok to have while pregnant. I know that processed soy is something you want to limit anyways, but if it's something i should worry about? or continue eating/drinking soy/tofu?

Ask your doctor. No doctor ever said anything about it to me, but if you have questions you should always check w/ your ob. Congratulations!


I'm 38 weeks and have been vegan throughout.  My midwife never said anything about limiting soy and my own research turned up conflicting information.  I finally decided that it would be impossible for me to eat enough beans, nuts, whole grains and seeds to fulfill my protein requirements without using soy.  I drink at least two cups of soymilk a day, often have a soy yogurt if it sounds good, and I eat tofu at least a couple times a week.  I try to avoid 'isolated soy protein' so I use hemp protein in a morning drink and I try to use  seitan as often as possible (Primal Strips are good protein with few calories and have a couple flavors that aren't soy based but contain soy sauce).  I have not really gone out of my way to avoid soy too much but have tried to not rely on it as the basis of every meal.

That being said, you will have to do some research and decide what is comfortable for you.  Consult with your doctor or midwife but don't be surprised if you get either no information or conflicting information.  I would be more than happy to tell you what has worked for me, but that's just me and this is my first baby.  There are other moms on vegweb that have gone through multiple vegan pregnancies so hopefully some of them will chime in here.

Good luck and congratulations!!


Thanks, it is hard to research it because there's always going to be two sides to the story. I think I'm just going to, like you said, not go out of my way to avoid it, but incorporate other proteins in my diet as well, and of course, listen to my body. Thanks for the reply  :)

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