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reusable diapers

Any and all advice would be appreciated.  I'm pregnant (20 weeks) and definitely don't want to use disposables if I can help it (bad for the environment and they cost more money in the long run), BUT, there are like a million different options for reusable diapers and I have no idea where to start.  :o

Erin we used G diapers for our daughter for the first year...they are AWESOME!! So cute on their little bums too, and great for the planet! We would still be using them, our daughter is 14 months now, but unfortunately they started to leak on us. We never had a problem up until she turned 1 and then it was constant leaking, even with just pee. Made me really sad..we even tried doubling up on the inserts but had no luck. They are so great though! They also make biodegradable wipes now  ;)b


As long as the daycare staff don't mind the non-disposable cover they would be fine.  I considered those too...I can't remember why I decided against them.  I think it was because you'd need to buy different sizes as the baby gets bigger (I went with an adjustable one-size-fits-most kind).  Also, I'm not a fan of velcro.  It tends to wear out in the wash, and you'll be washing diapers pretty often so it might wear quickly.  I would recommend finding an independent review (not just the testamonials on websites that sell G diapers) to see what kinds of problems people have had with them.  Here are the reviews from an Australian independent review website (G diapers are called Eenees over here.  Also, nappy=diaper, pilcher=cover, MCNs=modern cloth nappies...I think that's all the weird terminology).



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