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Miso soup?

I am getting into miso soup again, I LOVE the stuff.  I just finished off a bowl, I find that it works great to fend off that mid-morning hunger attack.  But I was reading about the health benefits of miso soup and saw that some people have miso soup rather than water with their meals. 

My son and I have water with our dinner everynight.

Now I am wondering if I can get my son to drink miso soup.  I just had some soup with fresh spinach with toasted seaweed and light barley miso.  OMG it was SOOOO good. 

Do any of you give your kids  miso soup?  How can I introduce it to my toddler son?  Sould I blend the veggies and put it in a sippy cup, this would work well with a spinach (or kale) and seaweed mixture. 

What do you think?

I keep both dark and light miso concentrate in the fridge. It make an easy base for the healthy things that you might put in it. The miso itself is not too healthy. It's really high in sodium.


My daughter loves miso soup!
I like to add miso paste into soups instead of broth or salt. I mix it into a bit of water, (so that it is in liquid form), then pour it into the soup.
I wouldn't replace it with water, though having some before, (or with) meals is a good way to get digestive juices flowing.
Remember that kids don't need as much salt as adults do.
You could try blending it, as you said, though that depends on the child. Some prefer not to see the veggies and some would rather have different textures, some like it smooth.
When introducing new foods, I find it useful to serve it with something familiar. It also helps to introduce one new thing at a time so it's easier to gage their reaction. That said, reintroduction in different forms is important.
It seems like a good idea to eat foods, whether blended or chunky, in a stationary position, like at the table. Perhaps drinking the smooth broth out of a bowl, cup, or with a straw?
Apparently, variety as a child makes people more open to different foods as we grow... makes sense!
It's so great that you're introducing new foods while he's young. :)


My kids like miso soup as a soup with vegetables and noodles.

However, it is quite salty and I don't think it should take the place of water at dinner.

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