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Labor stories, questions, etc

Per mdvegan's suggestion, as not to jack llg's thread anymore :)

Please continue, ladies!  I love hearing the stories, even though they've been getting pretty horrible....I need to be mentally prepared for this shit!

eta:  just for reference, I intend on a natural birth, but am completely open to whatever you've said, not everything always goes as planned, so I wanna be prepared for any situation.

Wow Erin, that sounds really difficult. :o But that's awesome that you managed to do it without a caesarean.  And who knows, maybe if you hadn't gotten the epidural you would have needed a caesarean, so try not to beat yourself up over it.  Labor is different for everyone so you can't really expect everything to go according to plan, especially for your first one when you have no idea what to expect.

Congrats on your adorable little boy!


oh gosh!! I just read this. Looking at him, I thought everything had been perfect. Love you!


Love ya, MamaErin.  You did good.  Nolan is one FINE little fellow.  :-*


Erin, you did it and things are OK now, that is what counts.  I have 3, youngest is 17, none of the births were the same.  My first two were natural because of circumstances beyond my control.  For #2, my ob/gyn sent me to the hospital 5 hrs before she was born because I "had suffered enough" with back labor but the anesthesiologist was busy and could not give me an epi.  I am glad you avoided the c-sect.  My 3rd was an emergency c-sect and I now deal with a hernia where the scar tissue tore.  I can say he was worth it all even if there are days I want to kill teen males.

Good job.  It was worth it all.  :)



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