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Kid-Friendly VWAV recipes?

I have just borrowed this book from the library, and flipping through it I'm not sure if any of the entrees are kid friendly. Has anyone tried the tofu and potato stew with the miso in it?  How is that?  What about the tofu with the pomegranate bbq sauce?  Is that worth the effort of tracking down a  bottle of pomegranate molasses?

I have plenty of waffle and cookie and treat recipes--I was mostly interested in dinner ideas.  Anyone?


I think it depends on the kid. I knew a kid who used to eat cocktail onions straight out of the jar, and others who wouldn't eat anything unless it was covered in ketchup.


I say this every time someone mentions VWAV.... Black Bean, Corn & Chipotle Stew!  It is fantastic.  You can even avoid the whole hot pepper business by substituting deli style salsa (the kind with actual chunks of veggies not saucey) for the hot peppers & tomatoes.  Simple and easy.  And oh so good.

Make the Sunny Blueberry Corn Muffins but leave out the blueberries for a lovely savory stew side.


My son really liked the white bean/roasted garlic soup.
I just started making stuff from this book recently. He also really like the saffron quiche (we all did!). He is 7 and not really picky.
I wonder if my library has Vcon?
I'm going to look today!


Thanks for the suggestions. I've got it for two weeks and I'm going to try a few recipes and post the results here.  Nothing really jumped out at me as I was looking through but I did notice that white bean soup and I will try the black bean stew mentioned above. I will also try the famous chickpea gravy and the tofu and potato stew even though miso part sounds disgusting.


That bbq is definitely worth tracking down a bottle of pomegranate molasses!  I made it for VDay and loved it.  I think it's pretty kid-friendly since it's not spicy and the peanut butter in it helps.  The banana pancakes in there are amazing too!  I bet a lot of the muffin recipes would be good for kids too.

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