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Raw Chit-Chat!

Hi everyone!

I'm planning on going raw for the entire month of August and I thought it would be great if we had a raw chit chat spot! I know a lot of other vegwebbers have expressed interest in either eating raw or going raw--so maybe we can help each other out here! I'm a total noob when if comes to raw, but I'm hoping my 30 day experiment will turn me into a master class raw veganist! I will be blogging everyday during August and posting pics and recipes of what I am eating--should be some great stuff plus all the "Raw Blogs" will be public!

I already have a bunch of questions! Can anyone help?

Raw milk--are there any store brands out there or do I have to make my own? Any super simple recipes for nut milk?
Dried sea weed (like wakame) how long do you soak it for?
I don't have a dehydrator and 150 is the lowest setting on my oven--how can I dry/toast oats, etc. and still have them be raw?
How the heck do I make sun tea?

OK then! That's what I got for now--I hope this can be a great place for raw info!!!

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