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Raw Chit-Chat!

Hi everyone!

I'm planning on going raw for the entire month of August and I thought it would be great if we had a raw chit chat spot! I know a lot of other vegwebbers have expressed interest in either eating raw or going raw--so maybe we can help each other out here! I'm a total noob when if comes to raw, but I'm hoping my 30 day experiment will turn me into a master class raw veganist! I will be blogging everyday during August and posting pics and recipes of what I am eating--should be some great stuff plus all the "Raw Blogs" will be public!

I already have a bunch of questions! Can anyone help?

Raw milk--are there any store brands out there or do I have to make my own? Any super simple recipes for nut milk?
Dried sea weed (like wakame) how long do you soak it for?
I don't have a dehydrator and 150 is the lowest setting on my oven--how can I dry/toast oats, etc. and still have them be raw?
How the heck do I make sun tea?

OK then! That's what I got for now--I hope this can be a great place for raw info!!!

So, I hit the Farmer's market early and cleaned up: 
Bibb lettuce, lacinto kale, gigantic zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, dill, corn, carambola, strawberries (which aren't shown), French breakfast radishes, and nasturtiums.

Giant Zucchini:

And this is lunch!


Storm- I've said it before but your salads are beautiful and very inspirational.

My raw intake is going up again since the semester has begun. It's a lot easier and quicker to just grab something raw or toss something together rather than cooking something. I have no time for that! I do have to start getting more creative with my salads though. I've been eating a lot of Greek salad lately.


I got carried away at the Farmer's market this morning and I can barely close the door of my refrigerator.  It's totally packed with fresh, organic chard, celery, tomatoes, radishes, turnips, carrots, sweet red pepper, herbs, green beans, sweet onions, spring lettuce mix....time to start eating!


ARG, I hate waiting for Tess's Zucchin Chips to Dry For to get done!  Want NOW!




Been rocking lots of raw meals lately and I feel great. My boyfriend did buy me a box of vegan baked goodies from a local bakery here for Valentine's day, so now I feel like I have to flush all that crap out of my body :)


For Valentine's Day, I made mini Chocolate Lava Cakes from the book Raw for Dessert.  They were AMAZING!  Super delicious - and so easy to make!  I actually made only half a recipe & used mini 3 or 4 oz. ramekins instead of the 6 oz. that were ones called for.  The original recipe yields 2 cakes, but since I used smaller ramekins, I still got 2 mini cakes from the half recipe.  I'm glad I didn't make the full recipe!

ANYWAY, they tasted super amazing & sharing one mini cake with my boyfriend was the perfect portion since these bad boys are RICH.  Warmed in the dehydrator at 105*F for a half hour made the inside "lava" gooey perfection!  YUM.


Those lava cake pictures are awesome!

I also fell onto the junk food wagon and I got into kind of an addictive pattern so I'm trying to break it by eating more raw food, especially fruits to replace the processed sugar. Anyone have any advice for trying to break the salt addiction?


Hey y'all, hope everyone's doing well. I'm still trying to hop on the high raw train, but I'm not quite there yet.

Breakfast: Orange-spinach-ginger smoothie.
Snack: 4 slices dried mango
Lunch: warm miso soup with raw carrots, kale, napa cabbage and snap peas.
Snack: handful of dates and almonds, handful of blueberries
Dinner: Salad w/ soybean sprouts, tomato, celery and parsley in a dijon dressing.


Jessa, those lava cakes look amazing!  I think I'm going to need that book!

Minke, I feel your pain.  I'm trying really hard to minimize my use of sea salt and nama shoyu.  What I've been doing a lot lately is making Tess's zucchini chips using lemon pepper and other spice blends that are salt free, but still have lots of flavor.

Secondbase, I like the sound of that smoothie!  I'm such a ginger freak.

So, somehow I managed to end up with two copies of The Complete Book of Raw Food (1st edition), Baird and Rodwell.  I don't need two copies.  I'd love to ship it to a good home (and I will pay the shipping) so if any of my raw friends are interested, just let me know and it's yours.


Ooh, Storm, I'd love that book!  I will pay you for shipping, though.  :)  If you don't have a taker yet, I'd definitely give it a good home!!  That's so generous of you.


It's all yours Jess!  And I'm happy to pay the shipping  to send it to a good home and media mail is cheap anyway.  PM me the address you want it shipped to and it will be on its way Monday!  It's in very good condition with the dust jacket intact!


Lucky you, Jess!


I'm excited!  ;)b


Any of y'all have a good juicer? Any recommendations? I've been looking online. I've seen some demos for Omega juicers that can make nut butters (even coconut butter) and that looks awesome. Help a brother out.


I have this Omega J8005 & I loooooove it:

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to put back together, and looks nice on the countertop.  I also like that it's a masticating juicer, so it doesn't heat the produce the way a centrifugal can.  Masticating juicers also yield the most juice/driest pulp.  Juice tastes amazing, too!  I highly recommend it.

I believe that this is the same one, except it is white instead of silver:

The white one is a tiny bit cheaper, but I shelled out the extra $10 or whatever because I like the silver look...


Jess, I am jealous of your Omega.....someday....le sigh.

I just recently upgraded from a cruddy little Procter Silex to a Jack LaLane and I'm very happy with it.  It's a centrifugal juicer so it doesn't get as much juice out of greens, but it has a nice wide opening, it's quiet, and easy to clean.

It's this one, but I scored at the Goodwill and paid only $8.00 for it!

But, if you can swing a masticating one that's definitely the way to go.


I bought it as a birthday present to myself a couple of years ago!  It's the first juicer I'd ever bought, and I wanted to make a good decision & invest in one that is all the things I mentioned: Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to put back together, yields a high amount of juice, etc.  I knew that if I spent less money on a not-so-good one, I'd just end up spending more money in the long run to upgrade...  I know myself & I wouldn't use a juicer that was a pain to use/clean/is too big to sit on the counter/all that.  Then it would just collect dust & blah blah.

But yeah - it's an awesome juicer & I can't imagine loving one more!  :)>>>

But $8!  Can't beat that!  :)


Any of y'all have a good juicer? Any recommendations? I've been looking online. I've seen some demos for Omega juicers that can make nut butters (even coconut butter) and that looks awesome. Help a brother out.

This is the juicer I have. I've owned probably 30 different juicers, ranging from cheapie GE models, jack lallane, to breville, and now the one I have my omega vert 330. They now sell the 330 hd and the 350. If I have to buy it again I'd buy the vert 350 just because its stronger and I like the color better.

At almost $400 these juicers a definately an investment however If you're seriously going to start juicing and want the most nutritients left in your jucie (without selling about 8000 for the norwalk) this is your best bet.
when considering buying a jucier its good to make a list of priorities.

For instance my juicer (vert330) is a low rpm, single auger juicer. It takes a little longer to make a juice because its obviously slower than a centrifigle juicer running at 10,000 rpm.

considering: time, cleaning, juice quality, quanity, seperation, and preservation. Also consider just how often you plan on using it. If you only plan to juice every other tuesday on a leap year (lol) :-D then obviously a 30.00 department store cheapie is your friend!



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