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I've only been a vegan about 15 days and i just don't seem to have enough energy to REALLY work out! I had been losing weight working out every day on a lactose-ovo diet but now that i have stopped dairy and eggs i can't seem to muster up enough energy!? So i am gaining back some of the weight i had lost even tho i am eating healthier foods! What should i eat more of?? 

I've been suffering from a lack of energy lately myself, though I know mine is related to other reasons, medical stuff plus a poor sleep schedule. I'm noticing a couple of things..the more water I drink, the more energy I have. Cutting out sugary foods/soda HELPS my energy. and for some reason, eating carrots. haha. I'm sure there's plenty more that helps, that's just some things I've found the past couple of weeks that's helped me more...

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Hi vEgannomnom,
After stopping ovo-lacto to the benefit of a vegan diet, it might be possible that your actual meals are lacking proteins. Depending on your workout, you might need additional proteins from e.g. soy (tofu) or beans, peas or lentils. Further, that is what me helps out of a similar situation, try out to have longer carbohydrates instead of shorts sugars. Wholegrain bread or pasta might be a good idea, as your metabolism has to digest the carbohydrates and the power will be supplied over a longer period of time. In any case a vegan diet has to be balanced to avoid any dficiencies of nutrients.
Good luck,

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Check out the book Thrive by Brendan Brazier,
I am having the same problem with energy and this guy is a vegan triathlete. All kinds of resarch tips/ and a 12 week meal plan with recipes.


You said that you dropped the dairy and eggs. What are you eating now? (be honest) And what is the the quantity? Are you hydrated? (what color is your pee? if you say yellow, DRINK up!)


I say eat some bread, seitan, tofu and pasta.

And drink unsweetened juices without sugar or any corn syrup in them like Tropicana, Juicy Juice, and Northland.


Also eat lots of veggie burgers.


The topic of digestion is not as popular as that of nutritional intake. I think that when changing one's diet it is a good idea to focus on both. I think that when you change your diet, that affects digestion. In some respects your digestion may need to adjust, and that can take some time.

I'm not sure about the research on this, but my impression is that herbs (spices, herbal supplements) strengthen digestion. I think also spirulina, chlorella and greens can have a good effect on digestion.

Adaptogenic herbs might help increase energy levels, for instance maca, suma etc. To get more energy during exercise and improve recovery I would have tried cordyceps for endurance exercise.

Focusing on whole meal rather than white flour is good.


I'm new here and new to consuming nothing but veggies. My 23 year old son and I began juicing 10 days ago. I've lost 12 pounds and he's lost about 9. I know that we can't sustain this much longer. I would rather eat the veggies and he would rather have steak. So, my problem is, how do we transition from juicing to eating healthy. He is determined not to give up the meat that is so fond of even though he knows how bad most of it is. How can I at least transition better meals and dishes into our juicing? I began Monday by having a salad for lunch. I use only veggies and so far rice vinegar or straight white vinegar. I love vine-gars so this isn't a problem for me. Surprisingly, he can tolerate the juices but he does not like eating veggies. His idea of a veggie is a potato in any form and if he eats anything like broccoli, then has had to be cooked to death and smothered in cheese. Any suggestions out there? Thanks! John

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