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Where can I find nutritional yeast?

Hey everyone! I have a lot of vegan cookbooks, and it seems like every recipe that looks just straight up amazing (hahaSmile) calls for nutritional yeast...i go to meijer and kroger for my grocery shopping, should i try somewhere like health foods store? or do i have to order this stuff offline? same thing with these agar flakes...they seem to be all the new rage...i feel so left out Cry



Don't feel bad. I'm a fairly new vegan and I had not even heard of Nutritional yeast until vegweb. I'm still in search of it too. :)


Do try your local health food store, I've also heard they sometimes have it in Trader Joe's. But think of those of us who live in Europe, it's not often possible to buy here. Bear in mind, brewer's yeast and nooch are NOT the same. Brewer's yeast tastes like beer.
Online is always a good option if you can find sales etc.


 I bought mine on Amazon. I got the Now brand for less than $10 with shipping, it's a huge "jar" too. 


we should eat clean and sensible food and clean vegetables, which makes us healthier and also doing exercise, It would be very difficult to convince me that this doesn't help fight.....

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