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Props to Dragonfly and all on VegWeb

OK, so if you've read my review of your Vegan Ribs you'll know that they didn't come out right, but I know it was me, not your recipe. I'm beginning to think the gluten we get here, being made of durum (hard red) wheat, is different from what y'all get there. But don't worry, it took me a couple of tries to get good hummus.
SOOOO...anyway, the "ribs" were in the kitchen when DH came home late and when I came out there he was snarfing them--with no sauce, even! (I had used a lot of tahineh!) Then he says, "If you tell me where you're going to store these, I think I'll have some for breakfast." !!!  :o
This is from the man who hardly eats anything lately because he's unhappy about work...and laughs at the word "vegan."
!!!  8)
Gluten is so cheap compared to the price of dead animals, I can afford to experiment until I get it right. I think I just used too much liquid for our gluten.
I can't believe the positive effect VegWeb food is having on this house.
Go VegWebbers! Go Dragonfly! :-*

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