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Have kids...must travel... how to eat?

Hi Everyone!

My family has recently become vegan and all in all we are lovingit. We are traveling at the end of the month and I am wondering how to feed us. We are going to rual Ohio and there are no vegan or even vegan friendly resutrants where we are going. 

I"m looking for some how-to articles or resources for bringing my own food with us.  There are six of us total. 

Anyone have any ideas for food that travels well and is still tasty after 8hours in a cooler and that don't require any cooking on the other end?

Thanks so much! 







I'm sad because there are several old threads that I could have pointed you to (that was my VegWeb superpower), if it were currently possible to search the forums. Even if you google it, the links are broken. :(
Anyway, my suggestions are PB&J (boring, but needs no refrigeration) and hummus and veggies.
Also, in case you haven't checked it out, I find Veg Guides to be very helpful when traveling:

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Try making some granola bars. There are a bunch of recipies here on the site. You can always pack nuts, fruit and veggies, and don't forget that there are always grocery stores where ever you go. You can pop in and grab what you need. Good luck and have fun!

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Travelling to veg-unfriendly places with children is super hard. You are lucky you are travelling at a time when there might be farmers markets and a lot of produce available.

Bring cans of refried beans that you can heat up (in the microwave) and eat with chips. There are also many vacuum-packed meals (particularly the Indian ones) that are vegan and noodle bowl type things that need only access to a microwave.

I always bring packages of Tofurkey and veggie hot dogs. If you also bring avocados and tomatoes along you can make nice sandwiches.

Also, many restaurants--especially diner type establishments--will cook your veggie burgers and chik patties and whatnot for you. I have done this a number of times at all sorts of places from crummy snack shops to high end restaurants. I am always very nice about asking and just offer to pay the full price. Also bring some cans of chickpeas and other beans. Open them up and rinse them off before you go out to eat and if you order pasta and veggies you can add them into the dish for some protein.

I have found that soymilk is available in even the most remote grocery stores these days. A bowl of cereal and soymilk with nuts and raisins makes a nice snack.

The best advice I can give is to remember that it is only for a limited period of time and nobody is going to die of malnutrition during your vacation! Have fun!

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