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Introduce yourself...

I noticed we have a lot of new members today and I want to welcome you here. I know it can be hard to know what to say on your first post. My experience...  ::)
I sent you guys wave hellos just as part of saying Hi. I couldn't send to the ones without a profile.
So anyways, I just wanted you guys to feel welcomed! :)
Welcome! :)

I'm a Whole Soy & Co. fan, too. My favorite thing to do with it is blend the apricot mango with frozen mango to make a mango lassi. Very nice.  :)

mmm, sounds delicious! the whole soy and co. blueberry is quite yummy. I've only tried it once but it didn't taste soy-like at all! I've made homemade strawberry with fresh berries, soymilk, tofu, sweetener, and a bit of lemon once.



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