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Where to stop on a cross country drive?

Hello vegwebbers, I am going to be traveling a cross country by car from oregon to texas. We have couple different ways to get thier one of the ways is going to idaho then utah then up into wymoing then into colorado then into texas. The other is going into california then arizona then new mexico then into texas.
I would love to know where best places to go are like eating or sleep , but we are on a budget while traveling back to texas.

The major cities in Colorado are all very vegan friendly. Make sure you stop in at a health food store after getting a delicious vegan meal at a great restaurant.

If you go through California, there are obviously going to be some cool spots to hit up. I've eaten at quite a few restaurants in the Phoenix area as well. This just seems way out of the way. is a great resource for traveling. Just search cities or states and veg*n stuff comes up with user reviews. What part of texas are you heading to? Though I've not been to Austin, there are tons of vegan options in the city. Most of the major Texas cities are decently veg friendly.
As always, pack some snacks for yourself on the road. When I drove from California to Tennessee, I packed some bread, peanut butter and jelly which really helped me through some of the more desolate and unvegan friendly places on my trip. All in all, it'll be good.

As far a lodging goes, you can check for free spots for the night (some will even hook y'all up with some food, or a place to cook!!), or find a cheap hotel in or near a city (best prices are in the cities, not in the middle of nowhere).

Hope you have a great time on your trip!


Im heading to the houston area. :) :D

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