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Road trip

I'm flying from Florida to Ohio to help a friend drive to Florida.  I am vegan, he is not.  I will stock up on snacks and little boxes of rice, soy or almond milk so I can at least have oatmeal for breakfast - lunches and dinners will be more difficult - the highway restaurants leave little choice other than salad and baked potatoes - any suggestions...  normally when we travel it is easy, we know where we are going and always look forward to a new veg friendly restaurant.  I don't want to be too pushy to my non-veg travel companion.

if you're traveling so far to help him drive to florida, i'm sure he won't mind going a little out of the way to find something to eat.

that said, i'd bring lara bars, nuts, etc.



also, do you know how to order vegan things in non-veg restaurants? it's generally pretty easy, and you can also pick cuisines that often have veggie options (thai, mexican if they don't do everything in lard). you'd be surprised how easy it is eat eat vegan if you want to.

also, you can probably choose places you want to stop and find veg-friendly stuff in the area. are you familiar with fast food that has veg options? (like taco bell)... yeah, a lot of stuff is crappy and not healthy, but it's really super easy to find veg food!

I biked across the country and was able to find plenty of vegan things. this was going through the south, too and i had a major increased need for calories due to biking.


I'm curious to hear about successful road trips.  We're embarking on a 19.5 trip (with
2 yorkies) - - and I'm hoping we'll all be talking to each other by the end of it.  Any
food ideas?  Thanks!


Breakfast:  If you're staying in hotel rooms with a hot coffee maker, bring rolled oats.  If you put hot water on the old-fashioned kind they'll be ready after sitting for about five minutes.

Lunch:  Stop by a grocery store for fruit, pita, salad mix, beans, etc.  You can save money by having picnics instead of eating in a restaurant.

Dinner:  Eating vegan in any restaurant is pretty easy.  Look at the menu, see what ingredients they have, and then customize yourself a meal.


I drove from California to Tennessee last year. Finding snacks is pretty easy to do, actually. You can find nuts at any gas station (most even have unsalted, and even raw ones too). I bought a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly. Stop to eat in major cities. It's really not hard :)

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