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The official Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food review thread (to be updated).

Injera fakeouts (spongy fermented crepes)

Niter kibbeh (seasoned butter)
Easy to make and lasts a while! I used nearly a tub of Earth Balance and then stuck it all back in the container. Once you have this and berbere, you are half-way to easy Ethiopian treats! (blinknoodle)
after making a quarter recipe the first time, I made the whole batch. It's so handy to have. (tamasin)
Berbere paste (hot spice blend)

Yeshimbra kolo (roasted chickpea snacks)

Yemiser sambusas (spicy lentil filled pastries)

Black eyed pea sausages

Selata (tossed salad)
really fresh and the perfect compliment to the spicy food. I've always made my own versions, but this one is awesome. (tamasin)
Keysir selata (beet salad)

Timatim selata (tomato salad)

Citrus vinaigrette

Azifa (brown lentil salad)

Yeabesha gomen (mild collard greens)

Yegelbo gomen (mild kale)
best greens recipe ever! We've made it many times. I usually use swiss chard and sometimes add spinach or whatever greens are on hand. Always good! (tamasin)
Butecha (false eggs)

Ingudai tibs (sauteed mushrooms)
good, but we prefer the ones from Appetite for Reduction (tamasin)
Yetakelt allecha (gingery mixed vegetables)

Keysir allecha (Ethiopian style beets)

Yetakelt allecha Variations

Yekik allecha (mild split pea puree)
Tastes ok but the savoury spices through me off.  I was looking for something with a cleaner taste, which is what my local resto serves. I much prefer the recipe from Olive Trees and Honey. (blinknoodle)
Yemiser allecha (mild red lentil puree)

Dinich siquar allecha (mild sweet potatoes)

Yekik wet (split peas in a spicy gravy)
really good. Nice and spicy and one of the dishes that we will always have with Ethiopian. (tamasin)
Yemiser wet version one (red lentils in a spicy gravy)
Yum! Great depth of flavor. (tamasin)
Yemiser wet version two (red lentils in a spicy gravy)
We both enjoyed this and I found it a bit spicy with 1 tsp (store bought) berbere (R didn't find it spicy, btw). I found it works well when mixed with the more mild split pea puree. (blinknoodle)
Black eyed pea variations

Yetakelt wet (mixed vegetables in a spicy gravy)

Yemiser bamia wet (lentils and okra in a spicy red gravy

Yemiser ingudai wet (lentils and mushrooms in a spicy red gravy

Bamia bakela wet (okra and black eyed pea sausages in a spicy red gravy

Yemiser bakela wet (lentils and black eyed pea sausages in a spicy red gravy

Yeshimbra asa w'et (crispy chickpea fish in a spicy wine gravy)

Bakela dinich w'et (soy curls and potatoes in a spicy gravy)
not having soy curls, I subbed seitan cut in chunks. We loved this. (tamasin)
Soy free variation

Yeshiro w'et (smooth n spicy legume puree)

Mixin it up
Mac n cheese casserole (Southern style

Mac n cheese (Ethiopian version)
My husband and I have very different views on mac and cheese, but this one bridges the gap. It's adapted from the Farm, but with so much more going on. (tamasin)
Lucky leftovers
Chapatillas (teff chapati tortilla hybrids

Ethiopian style tacos

Timatim fitfit (injera tomato salad

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