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Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian"

My apologies if this book has already been discussed but I want to share that I love this book!

It is true that it is not totally vegan but I am learning SO MUCH about the basics of cooking.  It teaches you so much...all the different ways to cook various vegetables, many ways to put together pasta, soup, and sauces.  Basics I have never really received before. It's like going to cooking school!

Like the pasta pages it gives you so many toppings that can go on pasta to make it interesting and fun. Ditto for many, many ways to dress a baked potato. 

I checked it out at the library first and hope to get a copy this Christmas.  It's so comprehensive and I've learned so much about's great!

Anyone else???

I have it and agree it's one of the most awesomest ovo-lacto vegetarian cook books ever!  I bought it right before going vegan.

Lots of vegan recipes in it make it worthwhile for me to use.  I especially like that when I get something from my CSA share, like eggplant or greenbeans, I can look up how to cook it and get recipes for jus about everything.

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