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La Dolce Vegan

I made the simple oatmeal cookies out of this cookbook yesterday.  They were ok.  Not very sweet but that is to be expected since there's only 3 tablespoons of sugar in the whole batch.  What bothered me the most about these cookies was the texture....just didn't taste like the oatmeal cookies I remembered as an omni/vegetarian.  I'd make them again except I'd add another tablespoon of sugar and a lot more raisins or even chocolate chips to make them even more sweet.

I just tried the Raunchy red lentil soup (p.106) and I love it! It's filling, all the different taste magically melt together. Delicious! My favorite recipe from this book so far, even though I haven't tried a lot yet, since I have got too many books to try out!  :>


I've made a few recipes from this book and have loved them all.  I also have "How it all Vegan" which has many great recipes.

In La Dolce Vegan I tried the "Dilip's Stuffed Manicotti" which was awesome.  I also made the "Chunky Corn Chowder" which was also really good.  I made these recipes for guests who are all meat eaters and they loved them. 

The only thing to watch about both of these books is the serving sizes.  I had to double the recipes for company as they don't make large amounts.


I have to admit I have this book but never use pictures! Bleh


(Love the new search function!)

I dusted off this book and made the vegetable biryani and love it!!!  I hate peas so I used pigeon peas instead.  I used brown batsmati rice instead of white, so I cooked the rice separately and mixed it together at the end. 


I made the Cajun red beans and rice...with the modification that I used quinoa instead, as I already had a rice dish the day before and I like variety.  It was very good.  I forgot to add the sugar/sweetener and I didn't miss it.  I like hot and spicy food and it was fine...even added extra cayenne and hot sauce.  Yummy!


I've made quite a bit from this book, actually. The recipes are in general super easy, usually yield good results, and it yields less servings than How It All Vegan!, and The Garden of Vegan. I would have to say that the Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favourite recipes from here. And I've made numerous soups with outstanding results. I always use the yeast-free pizza crust from here when I feel like whipping up a quick's really yummy and quick. There desserts and muffins rock as well...Wolffie's Double Chocolate Chip Muffins are my absolute favourite muffins ever. They're freakishly huge (in a good way...). I think the only thing I wasn't entierly pleased with was the mac and cheese was meh. I can't even think of everything I've made from here, I've made so much!!

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