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Trimming dog nails

Our other dog, Zak, hated to have his nails trimmed. So much so that we paid to have them trimmed.

When we got Booyah, he didn't seem to mind so much, but now he hates it too. I like to have nice sharp manicure instruments for my manicures/pedicures, so I suggested to my husband that maybe our ancient dog trimmer was dull & we should get a new one. He doesn't think that is the case & that Booyah just doesn't like it.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I trim our cats' nails when they are sleepy; otherwise, they get whiney and run away. Try doing it after they've had a lot of exercise and are ready for a nap--they are less likely to resist when they're too exhausted to try ;)

A new set of clippers would be good, though. It will be faster for you and likely eliminate any discomfort that the dogs might have with dull clippers.

Also, treats afterward are a must ;) Good luck!


I have this same trouble... :( its so frustrating cause I live alone and have nobody to hold them still. Guinevere's nails had gotten so bad I was embarrassed at the vets office. The vet noted the long nails and recommended clips that look like this:

I used it right there in the vets office and Guin hardly even noticed. They aren't too much more than the ones with a loop you put the toe nail in. Only like 11 bucks at target.

I'm just clipping one or two nails at a time and giving lots of praise. Also, be extra careful not to cut the pink part (the quick) because then they will get spooked by the clippers. Good luck!


Ok, I feel better that I'm not the only one with a dog who doesn't like his talons trimmed. And yes, some of them are starting to look like talons! I will buy a new clipper, just in case, but if he still doesn't like it, well, too bad.


You are definitely not alone. Our Lily hates having her nails trimmed too. It scares her to death and she most always piddles when we have it done. My husband was thinking of getting an electric nail file as suggested by our vet. We haven't tried it yet though.


Our dogs never needed their nails clipped. Is this because they spent a lot of time outside and your dogs are inside dogs?

I'm just curious.


My dogs put up varying degrees of resistance to nail trimming and their nails are shamefully long.  I've been trying to be better about doing it in spite of their objections and I have found that they seem to be a little less freaked out about it if I can prevent them from watching.  I try to sit so that my body is between the dog's face and whatever paw I am working on.  I also try to remain calm and assertive so that they will feel more confident in me.  Of course as soon as they and I start to gain confidence, I manage to cut the quick and prove their worst fears :( but we all survive the trauma...  It's good to have some styptic powder on hand to stop the bleeding if you do mess up.


I would definitly get them sharpened or get another pair. They DO wear out, and it could be causing you to have to work "too hard" to cut his nails thus making it uncomfortable. Especially since it wasnt an issue at one time, and now it is.

I subsrcibe to the "just do it" school of toenail trimming. Yes it sucks, yes you dont want me to do it but I'm doing it and that's it.  One of my dogs used to fight me big time with it. I got so tired of the fight, one day I just grabbed his foot and said yknow what, enough is enough..I started trimming...he still fights me but it's a 1/2 hearted he knows he gets cookies when we are done...and he's all about the cookies.

The best trimmer I've found is made by greenies. It's an ingenious design, slightly expensive but worth it. I can clip quickly without worrying about hitting the quick.

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