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Tofu Egg Salad

What you need: 

1 lb. extra firm regular tofu, frozen and thawed
nayonnaise or vegan mayonnaise
2 tablespoon relish
1 stalk celery, minced
1 tablespoon mined onion
1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard (optional)
salt and pepper to taste
whole grain pita or bread
vegan American cheese
sliced tomatoes
romaine lettuce or Napa cabbage

What you do: 

Break tofu into large pieces and press water out in towel. Crumble into bowl. Add all but last four ingredients. I usually use 1/2 cup of Nayonnaise but 2 cups is probably more palatable! Add 1/2 cup at a time until desired consistency. I like Nayonnaise because its much lower in fat and calories than other vegan mayos (only 3 g. of fat I believe in 2 Tbsp.), and because it has a tangy flavor like salad dressing.
I toast the vegan bread and melt the cheese. Then I heap on the salad and add raw Napa cabbage or crispy Romaine lettuce, use the rib sections and not the leaves, this section is much crispier, and finally add sliced tomatoes.
The salad tastes much better the next day, after it has marinated! I eat this everyday, it is soooo good! If you like it saltier, you can add 1 Tbsp. of Tamari to the mixture.

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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I make something similiar, but add black salt.


I was so excited to make this, that I forgot to read the directions. I just mixed everything together. I used two stalks of celery, and about 2 tablespoons of onion. I used two heaping tablespoons of Vegenaise, which was perfect! I squirted in spicy brown mustard to my taste, and I also added two pinches of celery salt. I did measure the relish, which adds the perfect touch! Overall, I am extremely impressed with this recipe! Egg salad was one of my favorite things as an egg eater. Now I can enjoy it all the time!!  :)>>>


I agree that this was a bit bland.  I didn't have any celery so I subbed in some green pepper, added some halved cherry tomatoes and a little curry powder and a dash of paprika. 


Mine was pretty good. I used all of my veganaise, and it could have used more. I added quite a few things-mustard, pickle juice, pimentos, green onion, celery, seasonings, salt and pepper, lemon........but it was still a bit bland. Dill would have been a good addition..
It's ok.


This was excellent. Added Tumeric for color and kinda just played the measurements by ear (mouth?!) but it turned out great!

Put it in a pita with spinach and wrapped it all up in foil so that it was easy to eat on the go.

Thanks for this recipe - I have printed it and added it to my recipe book!


Mmmm. This was so quick and simple. Why didn't I think of it?


This recipe is so close to what I do I decided not to submit my own recipe, except that I add dill and olives.  My secret ingredient is dill, freshly chopped or dry.  For a sharper taste, add vinegar. 


I added some tumeric and served on whole wheat english muffins. Didn't have any lettuce or other leafy green, so we just had loads of "egg" salad with tomatoes and toffuti cheese slices and HOLY CRAP! This was amazing. Definitely go for the dijon mustard- it *made* the sandwich. The nine-year-old inhaled it- enough said!  :D

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