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Taco Pasta

What you need: 

1 pound whole wheat pasta of your choice
Your favorite "cheese" sauce recipe from
1 package of your favorite ground beef substitute
1/2 to 1 packet of vegan/organic taco seasoning

What you do: 

Cook the pasta according to instructions on box.
I use an awesome cheese sauce recipe that involves cashews and nutritional yeast, and I cannot find it on the website to cite the source. Use any cheese sauce recipe that you like; when I figure out who made the one I use, I will post it (it only takes about five minutes to prepare).
Saute the "beef" according to instructions: usually you just add water and heat until beefy. Add the taco seasoning but be careful, sometimes a whole packet is too much.
Put the pasta into a very large mixing bowl, and add the sauce and the beef and mix. I serve it with hot sauce.
This is extremely quick, cheap, and tasty. My husband (carnivore) had two bowls for dinner and loved it.

Preparation Time: 
10-15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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this sounds kinda like a hamburger helper-esque recipe. i agree with baypuppy on dragonfly's dry uncheese mix. when/if i try this out, i'll probably use black beans instead of the crumbles. unless i feel like splurging, in which case i'll probably use black beans AND crumbles. mmm

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