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Seitan's Mac

What you need: 

A box of whole wheat pasta of your liking

Vegan cheese of your liking (I prefer Daiya)

Seitan crumbles (Or tofu or tempeh if you prefer)

One onion (preferrably white) chopped

One green bell pepper (again, whatever color(s) you like) chopped

Butter (Best life or Earth Balance)

Non-dairy milk (I prefer blue diamond almond original milk)

What you do: 

Cook the pasta, in another pot melt the butter milk and cheese. In a pan saute the onions, peppers and seiten. Once the pasta is cooked and strained, add it to the cheesey pot, and when the vegetables and meatless meat are finished, add it as well. Mix it all together and bam. Satan's Mac. ;)

This recipe was invented by my boyfriend and I when we got our first apartment. It's one of my favorite meals and continue to experiment with it. Sorry I didn't add measuring, I myself do not measure. I feel it is best to go with your better judgment. :)

ENJOY! ^_^

Preparation Time: 
half an hour
Cooking Time: 
half an hour
all depends
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