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Potato Chips

What you need: 

1 potato, thinly sliced (peel or don't peel)
nonstick spray
salt, to taste

What you do: 

1. Spray a dinner plate with nonstick spray. Place potato slices on plate in a single row. Microwave on high for 4 minutes.
2. Turn slices over and continue to microwave on high another 3 to 5 minutes. Potatoes are done when they are lightly browned - if they aren't browned, they won't get crisp. This may take longer depending on your microwaves wattage but you will be safe with the initial 4 minutes of cooking. You need to watch them carefully after that.
3. Now comes the hard part. Remove from plate and toss in a bowl with salt or seasoning of your choice and let cool! It is important to let them cool so they can crisp up.
This recipe makes a small amount but I think these are tastier than the commercial fatfree chips. I haven't had such good luck doing this with sweet potatoes unfortunately.'

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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For bbq style chips, add these spices to the oil prior to tossing in potatoes.
1 tsp. paprika - ¾ tsp. garlic salt - ¼ tsp. sugar - ¼ tsp. onion powder - ¼ tsp. chili powder - dash ground cayenne pepper

I use a piece of parchment paper on the microwave glass plate.

For a bigger batch I use the oven, on high until just browned.


thanks for this I thought I was never going to enjoy the taste of potato chips......... :'( but then i found this. thanks a million!


Oh, these were so good! After the first 4 minutes, I sprinkled them with a little salt, flipped them over, and sprinkled them with salt again. No more store-bought chips for me! I can't wait to experiment a little more with seasonings. Thanks so much for sharing!


:)>>> Thank you for this recipe.  My husband and I have been cutting out salt as much as possible in our diet and this is an awesome way to get unsalted chips that are sooooo hard to find in the grocery stores. Even Trader Joes carries unsalted tortilla chips but not unsalted potato chips. My favorite brand of unsalted chips is close to $4.00 per bag which is way out of line for about 3 potatoes worth of chips. I tried this recipe the first time today using a little grapeseed oil on the potato slices. I think it might be turning a little bitter in the heat so I will try no oil the next time. I used the slicing blade on my food processor to slice the potatoes quickly but they are not all the same thickness.  Good enough for snackin' though.


"Instead of Pam or vegetable cooking spray (which I think should be outlawed because of its excess packaging, even if they do now claim to be free of CFCs), try this: put the chips into a plastic bag with about a teaspoon of oil (or more or less), blow in some air, and shake to coat. Works great, and you can re-use the bag, too."

Remember, the first "R" is REDUCE. Just toss the ingredients in a bowl or on the plate you microwave them on  :)


my first observation - the recipe works, is very easy and basic - and the chips come out perfect.

at it's most basic - you only need potato slices, cooking spray, wax/parchment paper, plate

i used a mandolin slicer to get the slices (a) thin and (b) even (even slices allow me consistency to then set the exact time needed for crispness)

i sprayed the wax paper with a coating of Pam cooking spray and then laid out as many of the potato chips as i could.

i put the microwave on high for 1:30 seconds.  then turned the chips over and did another 1:10 seconds.  they came out perfect and crispy.

the favorite variation i found was adding chili powder and black pepper powder, gives it a nice cook.  i also use oil on some chips but - that was just for experimentation - it wasn't a needed addition.

all in all, you can get quite a number of chips from one potato.  the downside is - unless you're an incredibly patient person, you're eating them almost as soon as they come out of the microwave so you don't get the joy of seeing a bunch of yummy chips waiting for you in a bowl.

the downside is - these do take a lot of time. for "instant gratification me" - it's admittedly a bit of pain to put a few slices, wait a couple of minutes, then ad infinitum - you'd be surprised how long it takes to completely nuke a complete potato.

all things considered - when you put the novelty of these aside, i think it's just as cheap, and gosh knows a whole bunch eaiser - just to buy a bag of chips.  but if you're looking to "off" a potato, don't mind a small investment of time, and enjoy the opportunity to make your chips - "your way" - then you can't go wrong.

have fun!


Yeah, this works!  You can't make too many at once cause they have to fit in one layer on a plate...but worth it for some healthy potato chips!


Excellent!  I added a little bit of vinegar (am a slave to salt & vinegar chips) and was quite surprised how tasty!


My boyfriend made these for me today. Seriously SO good. jdhgsahgd


I'm so happy that these worked out!  I tried salting them before putting them in the microwave and it was really good.  My carnivorous, "junkfoodious" parents love them also, which is the best.  Extra virgin olive oil is not suggested if you want them to taste normal though. :o

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