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Cream Cheese Wontons

What you need: 

8 ounces vegan cream cheese (I use Tofutti)
handful jalapeno slices, chopped, optional
50 wonton wrappers
oil, as needed for frying (I used peanut)

What you do: 

1. Since I could only find vegan spring roll wrappers I cut them into 4 squares. Turn the wrapper so it's shaped like a diamond.
2. Put about 1 teaspoon cream cheese in the center of a wrapper. Add jalapeno, if desired. Get the edges of the wrapper wet with water and fold over.
3. Seal around the cream cheese well so it won't have air bubbles. I can't exactly explain how I folded them to look like a wonton, just search the net for instructions.
4. Heat oil, and fry on medium to medium high heat. Turn after a minute or so. These cook really quickly.
Taste just like the real thing!'

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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if you can't find vegan wonton wrappers, try checking a local asian food market. mine sells fresh made wrappers in the fridge department  that are vegan.


This is my favorite vegan dipping sauce that tastes GREAT with these wontons, available in most health food/ Asian markets, comes in normal and "hot".


Yum! These turned out great. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, I didn't even think so make these.

A couple notes I would like to add for anyone else who wants to make these delicious little Hors d'œuvres:

1. Vegan Wonton wrappers are easy to find in the frozen section of any health food store. New Hong Kong Noodle Co. brand is what I used to make these and they work great. Just check the back of the package, they most likely won't be labelled "Vegan", and are mixed in with other frozen Asian food. Pot sticker wrappers also work well, and are easier to fold.

2. My mother-in-law happens to be Taiwanese and helped teach me the best way of folding wontons, but here is a great how-to guide for first timers: (instead of the oil or egg mixture she uses, water works just as well).

3. I mixed my tofutti cream cheese with a 3 tablespoons of water to soften it a bit, this creates a creamer middle- but doesn't make it too runny.

4. I added 1/2 cup of sauteed mushrooms to my cream cheese mixture- this is totally just preference but I was very happy with these little creamy mushroom pockets of deliciousness.


;)b  We have made these before but made them again last night.
I think the more jalapenos the better, it makes for a better flavor over the Tofutti.
As far as dipping sauce... my boyfriend used ranch (he isn't a veggie) & I almost used sweet & sour sauce (which I thought would be delicious) but it was expired, crap.

**I found the eggless wonton wraps at an asian super market, if you can't read the labels just ask, but all the ingredients were in english, just not the rest of the packaging.  They were frozen btw.


These are great. Instead of the jalapeno, I add in scallion (4-5) per container of cream cheese. I don't like it spicy so the scallion still gives it a good kick.


Any suggestions for a dipping sauce?

Sweet chili sauce all the way!!! It's Thai.


Any suggestions for a dipping sauce?


YUMMY!!! I make these all the time... they are addictive! :)>>>


These turned out very good! Thank you... I used Dynasty brand wonton wrappers... they're vegan :)

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