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Cinnamon French Toast

What you need: 

2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon sugar
cinnamon, to taste
1 cup nondairy milk (I use soy)
nonstick spray or vegan butter, as needed
2 slices bread

What you do: 

1. Mix flour, sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl, and slowly add milk.
2. Add nonstick spray or vegan butter to pan to heat. Dip the bread into the mixture and place into a pan on medium heat.
3. Wait until one side of the bread is golden brown, then flip until the other side is golden brown. Top with maple syrup and enjoy.

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I made this with the Cranberry Walnut bread from Whole Foods and cut it about an inch thick. If you find your bread is cooking more quickly on the outside and the inside is still soggy, cook it at a lower temperature! I like my french toast soggy and crisped it on the outside on both sides at medium heat. Was very quick. I used a local blueberry coconut spread, no maple or agave syrup for me. I used a good amount of cinnamon, almond milk, 5tsp of flour and 2.5tsp of sugar, just because it sounded too sweet. I just mixed all the ingredients together and it turned out well!



Delicious! I used almond milk and tried out a suggestion I heard recently - making French toast in a waffle iron  - which turns out to be awesome!


I made this recipe this morning. It was so good. I altered some of the ingredients though as I wanted a different flavor. I subbed brown sugar for regular sugar and added nutmeg along with the cinnamon. Yumyum.

Also, I learned a trick with soggy french toast. If you sliced it too thick or it's just soggy brown it on both sides and then set the oven on 350 for maybe 5-8 min.


I just made this french toast recipe with my granddaughter. We had fun and our french toast was yummy. We used thickly sliced french bread which worked really well. No soggy middles!


One of the tricks to less soggy toast is: use stale bread (even leave the bread out) also I find it is less soggy if you don't completely soak the bread just dip one side and then the other. Hopefully this is helpful. =>


My husband made these for me on my birthday and while they were yummy, they were a bit soggy. Maybe using a harder bread (ours was a basic soft, light bread) would help. But still yummy! ;)


i had the same problem tauberl did, i used white bread, maybe that was the problem,  the edges got nice and crispy but the middle was just a runny mess. i added flour to the mixture for the 2nd slice to see if that helped, still runny. does anyone have any suggestions how to make this come out right? i also used almond milk instead of soy, but it seems other reviewers did that as well with good results.


I cooked these for a while but they still stayed kind of soggy in the middle  :(  What did I do wrong?


this was so good! I also used almond milk instead of soy (all I had on hand!) and it was so tasty. Even my meat and dairy loving boyfriend thought these were really good.

Thanks for the yummy recipe!


Super delicious! Just as I remember from childhood, minus the dreaded 'eggy' flavor.

I used almond milk instead of soy, and sprouted grain toast instead of white or French bread. It browned up very well. I will most definitely be making this again!  :)



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