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Best Roasted Salsa

What you need: 

3 fresh jalapeno peppers
5 fresh fresno peppers (look like red jalapenos)
8 large, vine-ripened tomatoes
8 cloves of garlic, skin on
2 dried poblano ( ancho) peppers
salt to taste (1 to 2 tsp.)

What you do: 

Notes: This recipe makes a fairly hot salsa. Notice the total absence of onion - it takes away from the flavor. I use a food processor, and will give directions accordingly...
De-stem the fresh peppers. Set aside one of each.
Heat oven to HIGH, and start a pot of water boiling.
Put remaining fresh peppers and garlic on a baking tray and roast - turning frequently, until peppers are blackened. Garlic will need to come out a few minutes BEFORE the peppers do.
Meanwhile, as peppers are roastig, heat a skillet on MEDIUM. Stem and de-seed the 2 dried peppers, and then press down in skillet with a spatula. After a few seconds (they should smoke gently and crackle), flip and repeat. Place in bowl of water for 30 minutes.
Take blackened peppers from oven. Discard skins from the green ones (jalapenos). De-seed all the roasted peppers, and toss into food processor (leave the blackened skins on the red ones). Remove the skins from the roasted garlic and place into the food processor.
After the roasted dried peppers are re-hydrated, toss them into the food processor, too. Then, skin the remaining 2 non-roasted fresh peppers, and toss into processor (leave the seeds in for a bitingly hot salsa - yummm)
With the chopping blade in the processor, reduce the above mixture to a coarse paste, and place into a large bowl.
Switch blade to the one that grates.
One by one, scald tomatoes in boiling water, core, and remove the skins.
Grate the tomatoes, and then add (juice and pulp) to the roasted/fresh pepper and garlic mixture. Salt to taste -riper tomatoes need less salt. This really needs to sit covered in the refrigerator overnight for the flavor to develop.
Serve with white corn tortilla chips. This is incredibly GOOD!! I've experimented a lot, and this is the best salsa I have ever made...
Nutrition Information: Yummmmmm!

Preparation Time: 
less than 1 hour
Cooking Time: 
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