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Beanie Veenies

What you need: 

3 yves veggie chili dogs
1 can red beans (I used westbrae natural organic), undrained
2 tablespoon brown sugar or to taste
1 tablespoon dried onion
1 tablespoon favorite salsa (I used a med. verde) or to taste

What you do: 

Pour undrained beans into med. frying pan, add dried onion (or, if using fresh onion, sautee in pan first). Stir and put on med heat.
In a seperate pot, steam veggie chili dogs as per package direction (about three minutes).
Back to the beans - add salsa, couple good squirts of ketchup (I just made a couple circles around the pan), brown vegan sugar, and pepper. When chili dogs are done, slice into little circles and add to beans. Stir and heat through, adding water if/as needed to reach desired consistancy.
I would say this makes two servings - have no idea on nutritional content but the chili dogs brands I used are fat-free.
To the best of my knowledge this recipe is vegan if you make sure all the general ingredients are vegan (beans, etc), but I am really new at this so someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I think you will be happiest if you keep tasting as you make this dish since everything is adjustable to taste (too spicy, add more ketchup & brown vegan sugar, etc.). As an optional step you could add some soy cream or rice milk at the end (this is done in some traditional beenie weenie recipes) but I was too scared to try it. :) My non-veggie boyfriend loved this dish.

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Love this recipe for a quick and easy meal! I added chili powder, mustard powder and black bean sauce..YUM!

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