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Why would my friends doc say this about her kid????? re:dairy

She has a 2 1/2 yr old son and he is going thru the very picky eater stage.  He LOVES all things dairy and has some allergies, colds, ear problems, etc. She went off milk and had  soymilk for 3 months and noticed no difference.

Her doc said she should go back to whole milk and butter...not because of the calcium but because of the saturated fat in whole milk and butter will help his brain development or help nourish the brain.

I'm no expert so wanted your input.  I assumed good fats would be avocodo, olive oil, flax seeds, nuts (he can't have them though) mono or poly fats .

I would think a candy bar would have saturated fats as well? would that help brain development?  :-\  I said this to her in jest but I dont know what the power of dairy foods like butter and whole milk are???

I dont know if the doc said this cause the kid loves dairy and thought ok he'll eat at least that but DID NOT give her suggestions on any other foods beside these 2.

btw my friend in not veg*an at all.

Here's my thought (as a vegan) on little kids and dairy.  I actually think it's a good thing to get some dairy in their system.  Somewhere down the road, after he enters school and makes friends, he is going to get his hands on dairy products.  If he was my child I'd want his digestive system exposed to dairy... not much, but some... so he wouldn't get sick.

I have a friend who started her daughter off with flakes of fish just before she went to kindergarten for the same reason.  My friend didn't eat any of the fish and her daughter only got a few flakes a day.  My friend did it because once her daughter starts making friends and going to other people's houses, she will be exposed to those foods.


i know that some milk is in most glue that kids use, so if the boy is allergic to milk then he should stay away from it. the reason i know that is b/c zack's cousin jerri her son is deathly allergic to milk and a few other things.


He said this because most doctors don't know squat about nutrition. In fact, they really aren't required to take any nutritional course work to become MDs. You are right, flax oil would be a much better choice.  The only thing in dairy that you really need is the linoleic acid which is a fat that is found in flax and hemp (I think). When my son still used lids on his cups, I just mixed it in the soymilk and shook it up. He doesn't like it much if he can see it so now its harder. Hemp oil would be a great thing to add to his diet as well. 

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