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Vegan President

Not too long along I posted an article about Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Dem-OH) who spoke out against the cruel treatment of animals at the factor farms.  I am happy to report that he announced his candidacy for president today, December 12, 2006.  He ran in 04 and is going to give it a try again. How awesome would it be to elect our first ever vegan president! ;D

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I worked on his campaign in 04, he is GREAT.
Will work on his campaign without a doubt... go Dennis!!! :D


A president with a heart, what a refreshing change that would be ;)


Hooray!  The husband is doing a little dance-- he really liked him in 04 and was bummed to see him go.  :D


i thought a prerecq for being prez in the US was a lack of several organs that most of us find vital....  ???

but it was be awesome. someone who might give a s____ about the environment for a change.

;D    ;)  ;D  :D  ;D 

I love Dennis!

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