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Shameless Al Gore plug

I just got this e-mail.  I don't mean to put anything spam-like on here, but I thought maybe someone would want to sign this.  Please forgive me!  :)

When the producers of An Inconvenient Truth first approached me with the concept for the film, I was skeptical. Could we really take a slideshow about the climate crisis and turn it into a compelling movie? Davis Guggenheim's Oscar win for best documentary and a second one for Melissa Etheridge's beautiful song "I Need to Wake Up" was a testament to their ability, but it was also a testament to you.
It was you who packed the theaters and got your friends to go see this film, greatly increasing the audience. And then this past December, it was you who connected through and to attend An Inconvenient Truth viewing parties. At those parties and in the weeks that followed, nearly 200,000 of you wrote to Congress, demanding that they address the climate crisis like the planetary emergency that it is.
Even though I have been a life-long movie fan, I didn't really understand how big of an audience a movie could reach. And of course I never would have imagined in a million years that a movie that I was a part of would receive two Academy Awards-or one-or would have ever been made in the first place! As humbling as this moment is, An Inconvenient Truth will only succeed if it drives all of us to take action. That's why I'm asking you to join me in the next stage of our fight. On March 21st, I'm going to hand-deliver the messages you signed when I testify at Congressional hearings on the climate crisis.
This is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate to Congress that we demand immediate action. And I need your help to really make this moment count. Can you commit to getting 10 friends to send their message to Congress through before March 21st? The more voices I can bring to Washington, the more powerful our message will be.
To get your friends involved, just forward them this note or direct them to:
There is no longer a debate about the fact that global warming is real. We're causing it. The consequences are serious, and could be headed towards catastrophe if we don't fix it. And it's not too late. I don't want to imagine a future in which our children say, "What were our parents thinking?" "Why didn't they wake up when they had a chance?" And I know you don't either.

The hundreds of thousands of you who signed messages to Congress showed me what's possible. Working together we can unite millions of people and build support for real action on a scale that has never been seen before.
Help me take the first step and fill up that hearing room with your signatures. That picture alone will send a powerful message.
Can you commit to getting ten more people to send messages to Congress demanding action to stop global warming?
I'm looking forward to working with you on this monumental task.
Thank you,
Al Gore

Thanks so much for a wonderful post!

I haven't seen this before, and really enjoyed the read! 

Martha in Texas


I think it's wonderful you've put that up!!!! *HIGH FIVE* the more we spread the word, the faster things will be done. My best friend and I are building a website to educate people about global warming. We are also making it a site where people can take everything we've compiled, such as powerpoints and videos we've made, to teach others.  Right now we are working on a petition to stop NINE  new COAL plants from being built in TEXAS. The air quality laws set by the government are already ignored here in Texas. Unfortunately, TXU just received permission to begin building two of them. :'( THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I urge everyone to sign Al Gore's card!!

A little side note- my best friend is sooo informed about global warning it's astonishing. There was one thing, however, that he did not know; becoming vegan is one of the most productive ( not even mentoning the cheapest!!!! ;) )  things someone can do to stop global warming. He asked me to help him switch his diet :) hoorahhh!! But here is the FACT: you could spend around $20,000 to get a hybrid and reduce CO2 emissions by 1 ton or go vegan and save 1.5 tons. Some of you may already now this...and if you didn't know, now you do!! So big *HUG* to all of you on this site!!

Knowing that you can do something to save the planet is so rewarding.. A lot of people look at us funny when we bring our thermos to get a coffee or slushy, or when we pull out our canvas bags at the store...but honestly, it just makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I know that we're doing something to save the world...and that just makes me smile :):):)


But here is the FACT: you could spend around $20,000 to get a hybrid and reduce CO2 emissions by 1 ton or go vegan and save 1.5 tons.

Cool statistic!  I'll put that one in my pocket.


Hey Al,
As much as I appreciate your global warming crusade, I have a bone to pick with you and your producer, Laurie David.  On the website, the 10 top "go green" tips include the usual: take shorter showers; buy a hybrid; use florescent bulbs, etc.  But no mention of diet!

You are failing to mention one of the most significant contributors of human induced global warming--animals raised for food! A recent UN study, ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow,’ concluded that livestock accounts for more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined! Globally, five times more animals are being consumed today than were 50 years ago, and this is expected to double by 2050. In the US alone, over 10 billion animals a year are slaughtered for food.

Livestock not only contributes to greenhouse gases, but also deforestation, desertification, depletion and pollution of fresh water, pollution of the oceans and air, and threatens biodiversity.

The obvious solution is to stop our reliance on animal protein. And we can do it now! We don’t have to wait for CAFÉ standards or alternative energy. 

Time to tell the whole inconvenient truth!

Oh my soapbox.


I do understand that Al Gore is far from perfect.  However, I view his crusade as one with a lot of influence for a good cause, and that is why I choose to support him.

But there is nothing wrong with reminding him of diet's influence on the environment, and I may just do that too.  :)

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