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Just thought this was interesting... new article in the NY Times.

^ I'm really glad to hear a company is mass producing a vegetarian Omega 3, and some of the other points in the article were pretty good too. Sounds like the writer may have been one of us. :P

Good, balanced article.  And interesting, too!  I fret about trendy "magic bullet" additives (echinacea, a few years ago; St. John's Wort, after that...) but Omega-3 makes such a massive difference in my own mood and comfort that I'm pleased to see it boosted in deficient staples.  I wonder if the processing will rob it of its potency, though?  Or if it'll sucker more people into buying supposedly-healthy processed foods, rather than whole foods?

I liked this quote:

“My experience in nutrition is that single nutrients rarely produce miracles,” said Marion Nestle, a professor in the department of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University and the author of “What to Eat,” published last year. “But it’s also been my experience that companies will put anything in their food if they think the extra marketing hype will help them sell more of it.”
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