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Idaho's gov.

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Since he too wants to go kill himself a "trophy" wolf, I'm not sure how much it will help. But as I said when I posted the article:
It really throws the hunting establishments long time argument about how they need to hunt to keep deer and elk populations in check. It is crystal clear that all they want to do is murder (hunt) for sport. If it was truly about keeping the populations under control, it seems like the reintroduction of wolves to Idaho was working perfectly, and doing just that.


Another thing that has always bothered me about the whole keeping populations in check argument is that I think the kind of animal that a wolf usually ends up getting and the type of animal most prized by hunters is completely different.  A wolf will usually get weaker, younger, older, slower, sicker (whatever is easiest to catch) whereas a hunter wants the stongest, most virile buck in the prime of his life for his "trophy."  Hunters do not mimic the natural predator/prey relationship so how can they be expected to "keep the population in check" properly?



Great point Elizabeth!
I've argued these points with to many pro-hunting monsters over the years. No matter what scientific evidence you give them to support the facts, they still like to murder innocent animals for fun. It basically comes down to that....for the hunters (monsters)'s fun  :'(


Doesn't seem to be a very good turnout :-\



I guess i'm out of the loop. What is the deal with Idaho's governor?

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