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Weekly Giveaway: Tea Glass by Libre! The winner is prettyin_punk!!

This week we're giving away an absolutely gorgeous tea glass from Libre ( It has a thermal, double wall construction of 2 layers of glass and removable stainless steel filter, making for easy cleaning. It's great for home, work, school, or just curling up with your laptop for a little late night VegWeb browsing. Yeah, I know what goes on at your house in the evenings. Don't worry, the same thing is happening over here!

All you have to do is let us know what your favorite tea is for to win!

Contest ends on Tuesday, September 22nd at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random!!

I looove peppermint tea, it's my favorite thing to drink at night. I also love a tea by Yogi that I can never remember the name of.. something like african spiced peach redbrush.. something..


the winner is prettyin_punk! congrats!!


awesome! Congrats and enjoy : )


have you tasted T2's 'licorice legs'?  Oh, it's dreamy.  Not too licoricy, but stomach calming, and slighly sweet, and ... dreamy.  Nothing better after an (overly huge) meal.  Or in the morning, or before bed, or, or, or ...



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