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Weekly Giveaway: Jovial pasta! musiclovesme is the winner!

You know what's scarier than Halloween? The aftermath Halloween candy can do on your stomach. Last year, I had a stomach ache for about 15 days and then went into sugar withdrawls that lasted for months. Or, until Christmas candy came into play. I'm dealing with the sugar onslaught a little better this year, I'll be fortifying and recovering with delicious and hearty Jovial Brown Rice Pasta ( This stuff is so ridiculously good for you, that you can surely indulge in a Jolly Rancher or 15, and not feel like Linda Blair in The Exorcist on November 1st.

For your chance to win two boxes, let me know what your Halloween costume is!

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 2nd at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random, must live in USA to win!

Good luck!

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