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VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder iPhone app is available!

Our brand-new, absolutely beautiful iPhone app, the VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder was just approved by apple and is in the iTunes store now: and our very own VegWeb page for it:

This app is basically like having all of's over 13,000 recipes at your fingertips at all times. It's the absolute greatest recipe app of all time, and you NEED IT!

Still no android app. I don't even mind paying....I feel second class Frown


awe i tried to download it on my iphone but it says it's not avalible in the US. :(. Are there any plans for the app in the future?


What happened to the IPhone app?  I used to have it two years ago when I had my old IPhone.  Now I have my new iPhone and tried to download the app again and couldn't find it in the iTunes Store.  Is it gone?  I remember really liking it a lot.



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