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Superstar VegWebber of the Week: hotcooknmama!

This week's Superstar VegWebber is none other than the delightful (and extremely funny), hotcooknmama (;u=121663)! Not only is she hilarious, smart, and awesomely opinionated in "Food Fight", she's also added some crazy-good recipes, including one of my current favorites, Bombdiggity Baked Falafel: I could seriously marry that recipe, it is SO GOOD. All that and she's married to a redhead so you know hotcooknmama is AWESOME. It's the rule. This is not because I have red hair. Okay, maybe it is. Anyway, yay hotcooknmama!! Thanks for being super great and for making VegWeb a fabulous place to spend some time!

VegWebber since? September 2009

Vegetarian, Vegan or ? Ah, that'd be "?"... I call myself an ecovegavore, which is a word I totally made up (which I reserve the right to do without notice, lol!) because nothing else completely fit. I eat vegan almost all the time, and am working on getting the animal junk out of my cosmetics & such too... but my aim is 'to do the least harm,' not 'to be vegan,' so I see some gray areas where pure vegans don't -- local honey & pet-chicken eggs come to mind (I know, I know, everyone... see ya in 'Food Fight'!)

Where do you call home? Wherever my dogs, hubby, and books are (right now, that's Arkansas... next year, who knows?!)

What do you do when you're not on VegWeb? Pursue a serious book addiction; take my pet Feathercraft folding kayak out for long 'walks' as often as possible; play the guitar a little (but with more enthusiasm than is probably appropriate to my skill level!).

Do you have blog or website? Bah! sore subject... HAD a beautiful groovy thing goin' on, at University's server crashed in March/ tech guys got everything back up EXCEPT my site... I think it must have been sabotaged by Monsanto! you know, or Walmart... has to be ONE of these two, right?!... anyway, just haven't had time to re-set-up elsewhere. Pending!... but... moving slowly. Work continues to persistently interfere with my free time, to an unfortunate degree.

Do you tweet? I text like a fiend; but tweeting... Nah. Never got into it.

One unique thing people should know about you? I was meant to be born a seabird; this human deal is just a big mix-up... I'm kinda peeved about it, but what can you do?

What’s the best thing about being vegan? (if you are!) The best thing about vegan cooking: no matter what you're making, it's always safe to lick the bowl!

Favorite romantic recipe on VegWeb? Oh, man: Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake, or Fudge Balls. With my particular chocoholic hubby, these = romance guaranteed!

Favorite recipe on VegWeb to make for non-vegans to show them how amazing vegan food can be? Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie; Kale Chips (OMG, these are so awesome!); and any dip, sauce, or casserole using Dragonfly's Bulk Dry Uncheese Mix... with honorable mentions going to Cheeze Ball, Perfect Falafel, & Artichoke Dip. Mmmmmmmm!

Favorite healthy recipe(s) on VegWeb: Yummy Lentils & Spinach, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts (are we almost done, here? I'm suddenly very hungry, for some reason!)

One thing you wish you could make vegan but haven’t succeeded at yet? Blue cheese... but I can do tofu feta, so it's ok!

#1 Cooking secret/tip? Raw cashew cheez or sauce makes everything luscious; and, roasted garlic is a magic ingredient.

Best music to cook by? A-ni! A-ni! woot, Ani Difranco!... love her poetry; love her attitude... actually...looking ahead to the next question... could I have FOUR people at my dinner party?!

Three people you'd most like to have dinner with? Mahatma Gandhi; Jane Goodall; Bugs Bunny.

All time favorite restaurant? Hmmm... how many can I pick??!! Guess if I have to go with just one, I'd say 'Star of India,' in Little Rock. OR Meskerem (Ethiopian cuisine) in D.C... OR Exotic Thai, in Davenport IL... (d'oh! nope: can't choose just one!)

French fries or ice cream? Fries, please -- spicy ones if you have 'em! Maybe with a side of vegan chipotle ranch dressing? (ok -- seriously, is 10 a.m. too early for lunch? I've gotta go...)

Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk? Soy creamer for coffee; almond milk for cereal, cooking, & everything else.

Tofu, tempeh, or seitan? Yes, please!!!

:moves survey to food fight:









:moves survey to food fight:




aww, how did I miss this!  congrats on being super awesome, hcm! : )

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