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Superstar VegWebber of the Week: biodancer!

This week's Superstar VegWebber is biodancer (;u=75004) and that's because she's the raddest best and that's that! Well, okay, also, she always cracks me up in Cookbook Lab and I learn so much about what cookbooks to buy and what to make from her that she's like my own personal cookbook guru. Yay biodancer!

VegWebber since? 2007 or 2008?
Vegetarian, Vegan or ?  Was a vegetarian when I started on VegWeb but made the final move to Vegan.  I couldn't have done it without VegWeb!

Where do you call home? Southeastern Pennsylvania
What do you do when you're not on VegWeb?  Work for the Department of Environmental Protection, volunteer for a local animal rescue, and volunteer at a local community theater
Do you have blog or website? neither.  I'm not that interesting. 
Do you tweet?  I would, but I couldn't figure out how! 

One unique thing should know about you?  This is not putting myself down, but I'm just average, there's nothing I can think of that's unique. 
What’s the best thing about being vegan? (if you are!)  Knowing that the effects of being vegan can be so far reaching in that it helps animals, the planet, my health, and my sense of well being. 
Favorite romantic recipe on VegWeb?
Favorite recipe on VegWeb to make for non-vegans to show them how amazing vegan food can be?  There's so many!  Vegan Green Bean Casserole, Cathie's Southern Style Cornbread, Cashew Alfredo Sauce, Spanish Rice and "Chicken" Wraps, Tofu Spinach Quiche, have all been big hits. 
Favorite healthy recipe on VegWeb? Indian Lentil Dal

One thing you wish you could make vegan but haven’t succeeded at yet?  Donuts, but honestly I haven't tried yet
#1 Cooking secret/tip? chop and prepare everything first, it make the cooking part so much easier and faster

Best music to cook by?  Anything I can sing along to!
Three people you'd most like to have dinner with? Drew Barrymore (love her), Alanis Morissette, Joss Whedon.  That was tough!
All time favorite restaurant?  I only ate there once, but Millennium in San Francisco was the best, complete, vegan meal I ever had. 

French fries or ice cream?  Ice cream!!!!!
Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk?  Almond
Tofu, tempeh, or seitan? Seitan.  I just wish I was better at making it. 



You are so awesome you get a double survey!!! :D


awesome! congrats!


hehehe sorry about the double survey! but i second AC!


yay congrats and times infinity on your cooking tip! :)


Thanks guys that was fun!

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