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New to vegweb and SO confused


I'm probably having a ditsy moment here. i just signed up a week ago and contrary to most blogging sites, I haven't figured this out yet. At all! I don't understand why my activity is empty and why my recipes are pending. 

I'd love to read some basic guidelines for using the site. My problem may be that I only log on with iPad and iPhone and there's no app to make it easier. Not in Europe anyway. 

I will be so grateful if you could let me know how I post recipes publicly and get stuff on my activity

Hi! Welcome! Recipes take about a week to approve -- just give it some time and they'll be up! As for your activity -- it should show up on your profile page as you start to add things. Let me know if it doesn't! You can message me, too! Also, just looking at your recipes and I notice you don't have quantities for any of your ingredients -- can you message those to me so I can get them up? Thanks!!

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