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becoming a vegan

Here I go, I am coming out of the closet after two months of going vegan, I have think I can honestly say I am fullfledged vegan, I am not looking back and frankly it has been freeing on many levels. I have more energy and new appreciation for healthy. I am very committted, investing time to new recipes , soups and stews are very satisfying and easy to have at lunch.. I appreciate any support from veteran vegans, thanks

Congrats and keep up the good work!

It took me forever to finally break completely from dairy... cheese was horrible for me... but I did it and it's been a few years now (with more years of lacto-ovo before that).

My health has really improved.  It got better when I dropped meat and then even more so after I'd been vegan for a while.  It's certainly been the right decision for me physically, without mentioning the personal ethics behind the choices.

I wish you the best of luck! 



im headed  to college this fall and am just thinking about how difficult its going to be to go vegan. I became a vegetarian a year ago and planned on easing into veganism eventually. Just not sure how possible that is when i'll be eating out of a cafeteria for every meal


Hey congrats! Being vegan is so great! My advice is to COOK COOK COOK! It'll becom secnd nature after while

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