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Whole Foods' Israeli couscous

so, i was at whole foods with my mom last night, and we decided to just get dinner from their bar. I decided to try this israeli couscous concoction they had, because i've never had couscous before. I LOVED IT. So, I was juuusttt wonderinnnggg, if any of you had tried it before and maybe seen a recipe similar to it. I've looked online but just can't get it right. I know it has eggplant, mushrooms, olive oil, mint and some other herbs. Thanks

israeli couscous refers to the couscous itself..i am assuming anyway, in this case w/ WF. It is the larger couscous,right? It is also called "pearl" couscous.
you could probably just ask at your WF what the recipe contained....they usualy have the ingredients listed there. Then, even if they dont give you an exact recipe, you can look online using those keywords and check the WF website b/c they have a long list of recipes.


ohh! Thank you I'm so clueless. If you asked me a year ago i'd tell you that Couscous was a city :p


no prob.

i would like to move to Couscous, wherever it may be! haha. Maybe this is where the vegan commune can plant its roots.

Near East makes an incredible Wild Mushroom Couscous box mix. Ive never been able to recreate it exactly, it is sooo yummy.
If you do cook it on your own, know that it is cooked differently than small couscous. It takes like 20 mins to cook...almost like rice.  I  would also  recommend toasting it in the oil for a min. or so before you add water. Just enough to coat each "pearl" w/ oil and they get lightly brown. im hungry.... :-X


There is a recipe in veganomicon using israeli couscous. It looks delicious!


tangent:  I got some barley couscous (I believe it's wheat free) at the w/end and am planning on having some tonight with roasted veggies and lemon juice.  Has anyone tried barley couscous before? It's been a long time since I had couscous because of its wheat content. 

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