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Ibarra MX table chocolate

I was given a couple of bags of food by a omnivore whose apartment was being tented for termites. I'm vetting the items and I'm unfamiliar with one of them,  Ibarra sweet chocolate  Mexican table chocolate. Unfortunately, the website on the package was not helpful for determining the lecithin source.
Does anybody know anything about this product and what you do with it?
Thanks!!! :)

Oh this is the best! I don't know about the lecithin either, but take two cups of rice milk, heat it gently on the stove (not to boiling), and when it's hot, drop one disc of the chocolate into it and turn off the heat. Stir it well. It's good to use a whisk and try to make it a little frothy. Then pour and drink!!

Ibarra is a drinking chocolate... it's used mostly to make hot chocolate drinks. (Not good as a candy!) It's much less refined... you can still taste the grittiness from cocoa bean nubs in it. It also has coarse sugar on the outside but generally is very bitter in itself.

Oh, some mole recipes also use it... I've used it a couple times for that. It's one of the most widespread chocolates in Mexico.


Actually since it's not very refined it might not even have lecithin in it? I wouldn't be surprised.


Oops I guess it does have lecithin (as you know looking at the box!). I tried to find out the source using google but no luck.  :'(  Well, it's really good with rice milk anyway, if you can stand the possibility that it might be non-vegan.


I wish I knew too because I love Ibarra's Mexican chocolate, just like the way Trisa makes it except I use soy milk, and maybe add a stick of cinnamon and a little chili powder. My friends request it when they come to visit me during the winter season. It's way better than regular hot chocolate which is too plain.

Mexican chocolate like Ibarra's is a thick grainy cocoa disk with with a cinnamon kick to it. In addition to hot chocolate, it's also great in the summer months in a Mexican chocolate/banana smoothie. Just make sure you have a strong grinder or blender to cut through those hard disks.

If Ibarra is not vegan then I will have to find another Mexican chocolate that is. :(

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