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Ecobags = Yeah!

I just grabbed some of these today at my HFS. I have really wanted to start using cloth bags everywhere I shop, but I always forget to bring along my "shopping bags". I have a couple of the large canvas totes that I take with me to the HFS when I am in "healthy" mode......but I can't seem to remember to pack them with anywhere else.

So I saw these cool ecobags and snatched them up because...
1) They are tiny enough to carry several of them in my purse. (so me wont's forget.....)
2) They are cheap. (6.99 each compared to the 20.00 I paid for the large canvas ones.)
3) Even though they fold up small, they hold alot.
4) Purdy colors....Yeah!

Here's their website

There's another good bag, ChicoBags. Chicobags have a pocket attached that the bag stuffs into. When stuffed it's about 2in x 3in. It has a clip on it, so you can attach it to your pants, keys, zipper on a purse or backpack, etc.... They take a lot of abuse too.


And, if you're the crafty kind, you can make your own with this tutorial:

I love reusable bags. So much better than plastic, not only for the environment but because they don't clutter up your home!


I was just going to post that pattern from Knitty! We have plenty of reusable grocery bags, but I think i might knit one up anyway. :)


I bought 5 of these.  They were a whopping 99 cents each!

They don't look they would hold a lot but the store is right.  They hold more than a plastic bag. :-)


IKEA sells their massive blue tarp bags for only 49 cents each! I have one and it is enough to fit me and my groceries!!!


I am a teacher and am often given canvas bags at conferences or teacher appreciation things.  They work well (and they're free!) 


I LOVE my 1bagatatime bags!
They open like paper bags. Baggers love them.
The handles are long enough for putting on your shoulder but short enough to hold in your hand without hitting the ground.
They hold a TON.
got 10 for $19 or something?

I'm still going to make my own produce bags (as soon as I figure out where my sewing machine went in our last move!)


Thanks for the link!  I always have canvas totes in the car, but *somehow* they never make it into the store with me.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does this! ;)  I'll put them right on the front passenger's seat and set my purse on them and still walk in without them.  Once I'm headed to checkout and realize I forgot them I generally park my cart next to the customer service counter and run back for them. 


Check out these. Great for shopping. Great to fill with goodies and give as gifts.

5 bags for $24.90

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