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anyone own a pair of simple shoes?

I just bought a pair of sneakers from them as well as a pair of 'gladiator' style sandles. Both are vegan and made with different sustainable/recycled materials.. I'm really excited to get to try them out but I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck (good or bad!) with this company before!

I just bought a pair of their biodegradable flip flops from whole foods like two weeks ago. So far i love them! They look really cute on (i got them in black), and they are soo comfy! I was walking around for like over an hour at the farmers market and park and my feet didn't hurt at all. I was looking on their website at the sneakers because i want a pair but i haven't got them yet so i can't help with those specifically. I would love to know more about them as well


;)b  I have been wearing Simple shoes for YEARS.  The same pair as a matter of fact!  Love them! :)>>>


I love them! I got a pair of sneakers at Moo Shoes this summer and wear them all the time! They are SUPER comfy, even on my wide, weird feat! A++!!


I have a pair of simple loaf off roads, found them on ebay for 1/2 price.
The sole started to come off early so I just glued it one with 3M fast tack adhesive
(is that vegan hmmmm?).
I also just got a pair of Sanuk kingston and love them, super light kind of half way between
sandals and shoes, more like well designed slip on and comfortable.


I just bought these Simple Shoes.

They are fun and so comfortable with a cushiony sole.

They were also 20% of at Alternative Outfitters Vegan Boutique. They have a 20% Memorial Day weekend sale off everything, even sale and clearance items. If you have Facebook, add them to your list for notifications of sales and giveaways.


I have two pairs of Simple Shoes... They both give me bad blisters.. I have yet to break them in. :(

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