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what is wrong with me?

I have serve cramps when i get my peroid. I just got it today, i felt okay in the morning.. nothing special.
I went riding my bike with my boyfriend and I felt these sweats i get with it the peroid not the riding.. I think i just sweat.. not major but when its not even hot.. but im hot.
Then the cramps.
but that i can handle. Then i feel like i will be sick. I go to the toilet #2 feel a little better. But still crazy cramps. I feel like i can barley walk, i get hot and cold.

i was riding back home, its only 2 kms i had to ride very slow and try not to sit on the bike seat because then my cramps got bad again.

I got home, i feel like i have no energy. not as much sweating or hot just some milkd cramps. It always lasts from 2-5 hours every month.

I have done accupuncture, flax seed oil, hemp oil, not eating,hot teat or water, no sugars, no alcohol.. so many different things to stop this but nothing helps. I use different positions to ease the cramps, nothing helps. I use a hot water bottle and that is okay.

But the problem is the sweating, the feeling of no energy- I could nearly just lay on the ground whereever i am for 1 hour without any problems. And feeling so sick, to nearly vomit, this has happened twice i think.

Does anyone have any good advice, I dont take pain killers because it doesnt actually solve this problem I dont want to take pain killers every month until i stop menstrating!

I used to get like that in my earlier days of periods, and I usually wound up sleeping through it (even if it was in the middle of the day) if I was blessed with it not being a school day. It eventually went away, I'm not sure when, because I was on hormonal birth control for a while.

It might be worth looking into endometriosis. Some of the things you mentioned are common with it (other than horrible cramps, the nausea and sweating and hot/cold thing). I had a roommate with endometriosis, and she spent years just figuring her period just happened to be worse than others'. When she finally went to the gyno, they figured it out, and put her on the pill to help with the symptoms.


Yeah I just sleep it off, and put something warm on my stomach and gently massage where it hurts. I'm generally pretty good at controlling when my period comes, so I make it come on a Saturday. All you have to do is sporadically remind yourself all month long "ok Saturday the 20th (or whenever) I'm getting my period"

I don't eat when my period is really heavy because that makes it a little worse, but also because I have no appetite. When I drink something I make sure it's hot. Sometimes I make ginger tea (powdered ginger, hot water, a little sugar and a squirt of lemon.) It's really bitter but it helps some.

It sounds like you do already, but exercising regularly seems to make the cramps less severe.

I don't think you're going to find a complete remedy outside of pills of some sort. I've come to accept my period as time to rest; it sucks to be in pain but sleeping 18 hours in 1 day is kind of cool in its own way.


Oh yeah, exercise helps. I never believed this before ('cause I always heard it from PE coaches, who were clearly biased), and exercise is always the last thing I want to do when I have cramps. But I've run and done ab exercises while on my period, and it really helps. It's probably just endorphins, but whatever makes the pain go away is my friend!


I used to get pretty severe cramps before I went on the pill (it was part of the reason I started on it, actually) and I still have some bad days now.  I don't usually have the luxury of sleeping the day away or not being active, so I just take three or four ibuprofen every 8 hours and that usually does the trick.  I know you said you don't want to be on painkillers, but I guess I don't consider ibuprofen a painkiller and it helps with any head aches or body aches that I get associated with having my period too.  And it makes me less cranky, which I'm sure everyone enjoys.


I definitely agree with faunablues, you should really go to your gyn to make sure it's not endometriosis. Some of your symptoms sound like it, my mother had it and she told that when she would get her period, she got horrible cramps, nausea, and even intestinal cramps and stuff. It's treatable, but is serious if you leave it untreated. Not that you definitely have it, but it would be good to get checked in case.


Thanks for the info. I will look into endometriosis.. sadly i cant see any doctor or any medical help until i am back in australia in december. But i can wait...
I dont take any medicine, i actually want to stop it from happening or lessen it naturally or without having to pay and rely on buying medicine. Also most medicines make me very tired, even ibuprofen.. i have to sleep for about 3 hours after having it.

Resting doesnt completly help, a massage is okay.. hot water bottle is the best but it just make it bearable. I used to have good warning signs of when it was coming.. but they have stopped... so i just dont know.

I try and do exercise, even today it was quite terrible. bcause i had to leave my boyfriend and ride home, after the ride i felt better.... no nausa or cramp.. but it was 15 minutes on a bike when terrible cramps.. i think a few times i could of just fallen off.. maybe walking is a safer option.

i used to be on the pill but it made me feel sick, just yucky when i got my peroid and bloated.. i guess thats nothing compared to what i have now but i dont think id ever go on it again. I still had the cramps, i used to take some peroid pain medication which was okay but again made me very tired from having it.

Medicine and me just dont go together at all, if i ever had antibiotics i just get trush for 2 weeks.. not stopping it.


if it winds up being endometriosis, you can try a different pill (low-dose, progestin only, etc) and see if it makes a difference. I've been on two different pills; one = neutral, another = horrible migraines and edema.

I found this on the internetz:

but all the treatments are hardly natural (pill, NSAIDs, mirena IUD, laparscopy). =/


Try cutting out white foods like bread and sugar. This has made all of the different for me. And yes, exercise is wonderful too!


i dont eat any refined food, pretty rarely. silly, this week we got some fresh whole whear bread.. tempting and i kept eatting it and feeling sick.
I rarely eat sugar too, sometimes some sirups.. but am trying really hard to stay off of them.


Oh yes, I remember it well. Sounds like me at age 12-22. Sometimes BC helps, sometimes it doesn't. You may have to experiment with one type over another. Definitely get decent medical advice, because "back in my day" it was, "Suck it up, it happens to us all, it's called growing pains." I used to have to miss at least 2 days a month of school. They actually sent the truancy officer round to check it out, and there I was, lying in bed, sweating and groaning and feeling like hell. I used to get a LOT of saliva flow and if I didn't spit it out I would vomit. (No one has ever been able to explain that symptom to me!) I also ran a lowgrade fever.
This was before decent adhesive pads, so I would have to put towels on the bed in case of accidents. The adhesive they had in those days would stick to everything except the seat of your knickers..your skin, your "public hair", your trousers...but not your knickers!


Wow that is what i have yabbit girl!!! seriouslly! sweating, lowgrade fever.. mine only lasts for a few hours and then i think im only generally. I need a hot water bottle ASAP otherwise im in serious pain. I have to watch what i eat and smell in that time because otherwise i will vomit.. not sure aout the saliva thing.. illl let you know in a week.

I think using a mooncup has help a little discomfort... but nothing helps with this crazy fever, vomit and cramping situation...


try increasing your calcium intake, either via vitamins or diet....


When I moved here to Spain in 1983, my first gynae tried to convince me that having a baby would take care of the symptoms; supposedly pregnancy would even out the hormones! Yeah, right. Except that in those days, the minute they found out I was married-and-childless, ANY and every Spanish doctor (male) would say, "When you have a baby this problem will disappear." And I could see in their faces they meant, "Tiresome hysterical woman, it will take your mind off it." I guess they thought I needed something to do.


I don't know if I'm the only one, but I used to have terrible menstraul cramps that were to the point of being crippling.  I had very heavy long periods that I dreaded.  I just about always stayed home from school the first 3 days.  After going vegan things really got better.  I get cramps occasionally, maybe once or twice a year, but they last for minutes and not hours/days.  My periods now run about 2 to 3 days less and although the first day is still super heavy, I am able to function that day.  It's gotten to the point where I no longer dread my periods.  For me this was one of the biggest health perks to going vegan.  Acquiring this dest job has caused me to gain back the weight I lost, but I stll don't suffer like I did. 

As far as advice, I try to avoid heavy, fatty foods around the time my period is going to start.  I try to eat a lot of vegetables (vitamin K) around that time as well.  I also found out the hard way that I cannot take things like Aleve or aspirin for pain during my periods.  They are blood thinners, and I ended up with some serious issues, i.e. saturated pants to my knees in about 30 minutes.  Yuck!  (My sister is a hemopheliac, so I may be more prone to that problem.  I don't know.)


I wish i could get a blood test, but i have to wait until im back in australia. on a visa in europe and im not covered with anything. I can wait 9 months.

I think my vitamin K should be quite okay, i eat a lot of things everyday that include a good amount of it.
Calcium, i also looked into that... but i also think i should be okay. I do rely a lot of tahini and leafy greens- mostly cabbage and frozen spinach. beans and nuts also. Sometimes i buy calcium enriched rice milk, i ususallly make my own oat milk with tahini at home. But here in denmark most items are not enriched with vitamins, it used to be against the law. Anyway i hope that everyones suggests help me find some answers.


Just wondering how you tried taking the flax seed oil. Did you take it during the  whole month or just when you felt sick?
I'm asking because I have had all of the things you described on and off in the past. One thing I have tried recently was the flax seed oil (daily, during the whole month), and it seems to be helping a lot.


If you can find raspberry leaf tea, that seems to help me. It might be a placebo; but hey, that's still an effect! I also once heard that taking aspirin in the days before your period helps, another bit of anecdata that can't really hurt to try.

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