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smoking check-in

How's everybody doing?

I'm beginning day 2 (and no one's dead yet ;) )
I can't talk about it too much though, or I just get miserable.

25 jumping jacks WILL make you forget you wanted a cigarette

almost week 3 here!! Whooo hoooo 2 days!! Keep it up!


Good for you!! I'm proud of you!
I don't even know you but I'm cheering for you!
And JumpingJacks are good for you ;)
You can do it!!!


Well done  all of you!! Keep trying, keep going, keep on keeping on.
Now if **I** could break my (psychological, I'm sure) dependence on OTC sleeping aids...


As an ex-smoker, just gotta say good luck. The chemicals get out of your system in a short little bit, and after that, it's all psychological.  When it comes time to replace those cravings with food, have some celery. It's light, fun, and crunchy and the light green colours on your plate is relaxing and pretty.  it worked for me. :D 

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