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sick of being sick

My best friend came over on Saturday and I think she brought germs with her.

She's been a bit sickly lately and my partner and I have come down with it too.

We both have this dodgy stomach bug (I think) and nausea. Yesterday I had a sore throat which developed into this horrible cold/flu thing today.

So we've been trying to eat plain foods (boiled rice mmm) and drink lots of fluids but it's day 3 of feeling crap and I'm over it.

What are some of your no-fail cold/flu/stomach ache/feeling rotten remedies - comfort foods/drinks/soups etc?

(My partner tried to make me this hot drink with lemon, garlic, ginger, chilli and all sorts of uh tasty things  :-X - anyone had something like this?)

i accidentally came across this page. from the previous.  Sorry to hear you're not well.

this morning I was reading about Coconut oil for flu online. 

Because I work with pre-school children who are often sick,
(its winter in Sydney)
when I'm feeling like a bug coming up,
I drink red grape juice run thru the juice extractor.
Branches and all, including seeds.
Its the grape seeds which help. 

Also, I will take charcoal tablets which kills bacteria and inhale tea tree oil.

I use coconut cream and milk for everything, moisturizer, hair treatments.

All the best, hope this is helpful.


Miso soup!  You could even add a little bit of the paste directly to your delicious rice for a little variety.

In the US, doctors often 'prescribe' the B.R.A.T. diet for stomach ailments.
Toast (dry)

Ginger or peppermint tea with agave (or honey, if you're so inclined) is also soothing. 

I think your partner was on the right track, but just put too many items into the mix!

Sending healing thoughts your way!

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