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Does anyone else deal with this condition? Last night mine was acting up so badly that I was sobbing for a few hours straight- at a party. I see a chiropractor, but I'm really starting to question the effectiveness. If you've ever had shin splints/stress fractures, it felt like that was happening- on my spine. It felt as if there was a force coming from all angles of my spine and compacting it. I really don't even know what to do about it. My friends were in tears watching me squirm and sob in pain. How do you or people you know deal with scoliosis? Does it seem to help?

I don't  have it myself but I know of a few people who you or have you ever worn this sort of back-brace? It's supposed to keep your spine in alignment.


Yoga!  I've found an excellent yoga teacher who focuses on lengthening the spine, proper alignment, and strengthening the muscles that support the spine.  It has really helped to almost eliminate my back pain.  I hope you can find something that works for you--I know how back pain can affect your life. 


I had surgery for scoliosis about 5 years ago. I had only known for a year before that, and went to a chiropractor where they tried out this traction thing with me, but it didn't do anything so I decided on surgery (spinal fusion). I would definitely recommend that. I was under 18 at the time so I had it done for free at Shriner's Hospital in LA. They do a similar thing at Children's. It's very invasive (10 hrs long, cut your back open, put titanium rods in, saw off some hip to make a bone graft) and very painful, but in a few month's time you are back to complete normal minus the twisting pinching scoliosis pain. Good luck!

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