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Random Brusing on Legs

I have recently noticed that I have a whole bunch of small round blackish purple bruises ranging from my thighs to my lower calves. This only recently started in the past week or so, not exactly sure but I am slightly worried.

I was anemic back in 2008 recovered from it , recently had my iron levels checked and it was a high. So I am not anemic , that's not the problem this time. I always make sure to take b12 each day also. However I don't take a multivitamin; I do exercise every day of the week.

Any advice on what to do?

could need more vit C and bioflavonoids..helps you absorb iron too


I just saw this. I just spent 5 days in the hospital for blood clots in my lungs. I am now on blood thinners and have been warned about bruising like you describe. The med blocks clotting agents that involve Vitamin K. I was given a list of foods high in this vitamin. It included dark leafy veggies such as kale and spinach, brocoli, chick peas, soy beans and green tea. Just a though: are you eating enough of this type of food? I know these are things I eat daily so I am on a fairly high dose of the meds to keep the clots from reforming but you need to make some.


In the past 2 months I have been getting little blue spots on my arms then they turn into huge bruises.
I have approx. 13 bruises on my legs...

Advice pls.

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