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Losing Weight, The vegan way!

I'm starting a blog about my journey through weight watchers!  I hope we can share recipes and share ideas too!  hope you enjoy!  :>  I'm new to blogging, so be nice! haha

happy eating!


Awesome!  I'm joining Weight Watchers on the 19th with my mom.  I've been through the program before and lost 60lbs, but have since put 20lbs back on....
I'd love to have a vegan WW buddy!


good luck to you both! for me, i've found that a raw foods lifestyle is the 'best' diet for me, but i fleetingly tried WW.


Best of luck! 

Of all the diets over the years, all the fads, the one tried and true and successful one is WW.  I'm glad to hear that it's can be done as a vegan. 

I have a friend that lost 100 lbs. with WW (after a heart attack) and has kept it off about 10 years now and still goes to weigh in, and even works for them part time. 


oh i will add...i got off of ww b.c my class sched changed and i joined the collegiate crew team so i literally had no time for my weekly weigh ins and the meetings! (i went to school in a small town so there were only a handful of meetings)

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