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How can I be sure I'm getting enough protein?

I have recently decided to go vegan... but I don't like any of the meat, cheese, and egg substitutes... Is there anything else besides beans and nuts, like maybe some sort of supplement, that I can take to get extra protien?

tempeh is a great source of protein. it's not a meat substitute... it is what it is and some like, some don't. it's great fried in some peanut oil with some spices, or steamed if you're worried about your figure :)


I have to be honest...I rarely think about where my protein comes from.  Here is something that was interesting and only confirmed what I already knew.


I was 13 when I went vegetarian (vegan at 14), my mum freaked and took me to the doctor to talk me out of it. He told us that Protein intake is not a problem in New Zealand. I have no idea why, and I'm not sure if it's specific to New Zealand or if he was just covering all bases. But, I've never worried about it, I get my Iron and B12 levels checked frequentley and my current doctor has never expressed any interest in checking my Protein levels.

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