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Holy Primrose Oil, Thanks Santa!!

HAHA The holidays never cease to amaze me.  I am 24 years old and Santa Claus still visits my parents house to drop off cool things into my stocking.  Apparently, he is very concerned that I am not eating healthy now that I am vegan, because he dropped off some organic hemp powder, and NOW brand Omega 3-6-9 liquid supplement. 

Has anyone tried the liquid omegas??  I just took a spoon full and I gagged...DISGUSTING!  Is there something I can mix this into so that I don't die! 


I've only ever tried flax oil. I usually mix it 1 part flax to 2 parts dressing for my salads. I also mix about a tablespoon of it into my sesame kale and soba noodles (a recipe from Get it Ripe), the abundance of garlic and soy sauce helps even out the flavor.

I've also used hemp protien powder, which I mix in a smoothie with almond milk (sometimes chocolate almond milk), cinnamon, bannana, and agave.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the advice!!

I cracked open the hemp protein powder yesterday!!  I used Almond milk, two bananas, and blueberries!  It was so good!! 


I've used flax oil and hempseed oil and find them both equally disgusting. I find it easiest to get down if I chase it with something very citrus-y, like water with a large shot of lemon juice or OJ. The acid in the citrus really helps get the layer of oily funk out of your mouth quickly.

Whenever I have tried mixing the oils with something, I can always taste it...maybe cuz I just know its in there....but its always turns out awful.

Powders are much easier to work with.  Just add it to smoothies or baked goods and your set.


Great Advice!  Thanks so much!!!


I've found just biting the bullet and taking my flaxseed oil all at once in 2 big quick table spoon actions makes it better. But the more I have it the less BLEH I find it.
Hemp seeds I add to soup once it's cooked (they're not strong tasting, nutty, very nutritious) so that tends to help.
That said I'm in France right now so it's been a while, it'll be interesting to see if I start semi gagging again when I get back.

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